What is an inclusion list for an off the plan property?

What is in an inclusion listWhen you buy a property off the plan (which means before the home is actually built) the inclusion list is basically the shopping list of all the things you will get when the house is constructed.

It will include big things like the type of foundation or concrete slab the house will be built on and the type of frame that will form the basic structure of the house, and little things like the door handles and type of paint that will be used on the walls.

It is important that you review the inclusion list carefully, as once you sign your contract and agree to the inclusion list that is exactly what you will get in your finished home.

If an item is not included in your inclusion list don’t assume or expect that something better, or not even on the list, will somehow be added along the way, unless you agree to a variation and pay the difference (if any) for the item.

Tune in to your inclusion list

A classic example is television aerials, often the points and wiring for an aerial are included in a basic inclusion list but the actual aerial is not, so when the new homeowner moves in and plugs in their telly to watch their favourite show they get a shock to find they have no reception. Then when they ring the builder they are further dismayed to find the aerial was not in the inclusion list and if they want one they will have to pay more money to get one installed.

Another small item to look out for is wire screens on windows, sometimes they won’t be included in your basic inclusion list, so if you are looking to buy in an area with lots of flies and bugs it might be worth paying the extra to get the screens installed with the house.

The basics of an inclusion list

Other common items covered in an inclusion list are:

–         the type of flooring whether it be carpet, boards, tiles or something else

–         the types of doors throughout the home

–         window frames

–         tapware and bathroom fixtures

–         kitchen and bathroom benchtops; and

–         light fittings and switches.

While you are usually provided with a basic inclusion list to make decision making easier for the buyer, you will also be able to ask for particular items to be included. For example if you have a special type of oven or cook top that you must have in the kitchen, or a particular type of tiles for your kitchen and bathroom. Most of these things can be easily included if you buy your property before construction has started.

Not included not expected

Remember if it is not in the inclusion list it won’t make it into your finished house so review your inclusion list carefully before signing your contract.

Do you know of other items that you expected to find in your newly constructed home only to find they weren’t on the inclusion list?

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