Mooroolbark Train Station Tops Mobility List

Mooroolbark train station has humps at each end of the station to make getting on and off the train easy for people with mobility issues.Mooroolbark train station is one of only three on the Melbourne rail network that has platform humps that provide easy access for passengers with disabilities or mobility issues.

The humps mean Mooroolbark station is an easy station for people with mobility issues to maintain their independence and travel with confidence.

The raised humps are located at the ends of each platform and make it easy for people with disabilities to get on and off the train without assistance from the driver.

There have been reports that passengers with disabilities are being left stranded on Melbourne’s trains and trams because drivers ”forget” to help them off at their requested stop or station.

Drivers at Metro and Yarra Trams use a ”post-it notes system” to remind themselves of which stop a passenger in a wheelchair needs to get off the train or tram, but sometimes fail to do this because the sticky note falls to the floor or the vehicle has a change of driver.

Flinders Street and Box Hill are the other stations with platform humps.

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